Reading Habits


…Except in my case.

My name is Paul and I am a “One book at a time guy”. [Insert a chorus of “Hi, Paul”]

My mind works in a certain way. If I try to read more than one book at a time, I end up mixing up characters, plot lines, etc.

So, I stick to what works. Read one book at a time, soak in the tale, and then move on to another adventure.

[Note: graphic is from Pintrest. OMG!! A guy that “pins”!! Yep, and not just borderline p*rn.]


About Paul H-C

Just an avid reader in the little town of Bangor, Maine (Yes, that Bangor...home of Stephen King). When I'm not reading and drinking coffee, I sell cell phones by the sea shore.
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3 Responses to Reading Habits

  1. I am exactly that kind of reader. Perhaps, it’s adult onset adhd! Anyway, it ‘s common for me to have 2-3 books going at the same time. I think I’m also a moody reader…I like to read what I’m in the mood for…

    Fun post!


  2. I also am a one book gal. I made the rule for myself when I was in college for much the same reason. I like to immerse myself in one world at a time.

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