WWW Wednesday (July 17)

WWW Wednesday (July 17)It’s a good thing I don’t get paid for this. I’d be broke this week. I didn’t mean to skip last week. Really! Last week, I just suddenly realized it was Thursday and thought, “Dang it! I missed WWW Wednesday, again!”

W…W…W…Wednesdays is a weekly reading prompt hosted by MizB at Should be Reading. 


  1. What are you currently reading?
  2. What did you recently finish reading?
  3. What do you think you’ll read next?

So, here’s a couple of weeks worth of what was finished and what is next.

I am currently reading Agent to the Stars by John Scalzi and I am kinda sad. This is the last of his novels that I have not read. I can only hope that I don’t have to wait too long for a new book to be released.

Last night, I finished Scalzi’s Fuzzy Nation. It was a lot of fun. The underlying message, about the damage corporations can do to the environment for the sake of profit, is there but not in a way that takes away from Scalzi’s usual merriment.

Prior to Fuzzy Nation, but since my last post, I read:

World War Z by Max Brooks. I wanted to read this before seeing the movie. As I started reading it, I couldn’t help but wonder how the movie would be handled. I was finishing the book at my favorite coffee shop and one of the staff asked me if I had seen the movie. I told him I had not and he told me that he was disappointed in it. He gave me an overview of the movie and I realized that the movie didn’t seem to have anything to do with the book. I’ll wait for the DVD.

I also finished 3 graphic novels by Brian K. Vaughan. They were: Y: The Last Man: Volume 10, Saga: Volume 1, & Saga: Volume 2. I really like Vaughan’s graphic novels. They are well illustrated and you get to know and love/hate the characters. They are definitely for adults, though. (Side Note: I owe Vaughan and apology for repeatedly spelling his last name wrong in past posts.)

And I finished The Doctor & The Kid by Mike Resnick. I read this series out of order. But, you won’t be lost if you do the same. I can’t wait for The Doctor & The Dinosaurs to be available.

I have an order coming from Amazon this week. In it are the first three books in the Maze Runner series. One of my customers recommended them based on the fact that I enjoyed The Hunger Games and Divergent & Insurgent. I can’t wait for them to arrive.

Until next week…


About Paul H-C

Just an avid reader in the little town of Bangor, Maine (Yes, that Bangor...home of Stephen King). When I'm not reading and drinking coffee, I sell cell phones by the sea shore.
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